Paul M. Bollinger

Executive Vice President

Paul Bollinger started his real estate career in 1987 working for the Edward Plant Real Estate Company and later at the Terranomics Retail Brokerage, both located in San Francisco, California. After working the real estate market in the greater San Francisco market area, Paul moved on to work in Sacramento where his family business was located; however, he chose to work for Iliff Thorn Commercial Brokerage, which is now called Colliers International. Paul worked for Illiff Thorn for several years as a retail broker working on a wide variety of shopping centers throughout the Sacramento Valley region. In 1993 Paul joined Peter P. Bollinger Investment Company/ Inter-Cal Real Estate as a Property Manager managing 500,000 sq. ft. of retail strip, neighborhood and community centers. After a couple of years working as a Property Manager, Paul got more involved in remodeling three of the company’s shopping centers and then moved more into the development side of the business. Today Paul is the Executive Vice President of Peter P. Bollinger Investment Company, where his responsibilities include monitoring day to day and monthly operations, personnel, acquisitions and sales, new developments and overseeing other aspects of the company including Property Management and Leasing. Paul works closely with Peter, his father, on a wide variety of the new developments on the company’s horizon.